Jorns Folding Machine

Jorns Folding Machine Retrofits

You don't need to spend the money on a new machine to get your trim shop operating more efficiently. Retrofitting your existing Jorns controller can add years to your machine while providing the most advanced folding machine features available.

With your Jorns Pathfinder retrofit, you'll open a world of possibilities. No more deleting old parts from your library to make room for new ones - you'll have unlimited part library space. Pathfinder's SmartPath technology automatically determines the optimum bending sequences for your parts, no matter how complicated the profile. After your upgrade even the least experienced operator on your floor can be as productive as the most experienced. Operators simply enter the profile in an easy-to-use interface and Pathfinder does the rest!

With Pathfinder, you take the guesswork out of part programming and spend more time actually making parts.

In addition to Jorns, AMS can also retrofit machines from ASC, Biegemaster, Bradbury, Cidan, Schechtl, Lobema, RAS, Roper Whitney, Tensol and Thalmann.