I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the Eclipse program. We recently had a large uptick in orders and there is no way we would have been able to service those had we not been working with Eclipse.

Yaakov Schachner
OEG Building Materials – Operations Manager

AMS controllers paired with Eclipse Pro work wonders for Manugypse. It allows us to schedule our orders intuitively and to know at what time we are going to finish specific orders. Moreover, it gives us great tools to analyze our efficiency and see what we can do better.

Moreover, the AMS team is always quick to respond to our questions and never fail to support us into our development of new features.

AMS has allowed us to achieve new levels of productivity and are now an integral part of our steel studs manufacturing process.

Les contrôleurs AMS utilisés avec Eclipse Pro font des merveilles pour Manugypse. Ce système nous permet de programmer nos commandes de production intuitivement et de savoir à quel moment une commande spécifique sera terminée. De plus, il nous offre des outils pour analyser notre efficacité et ainsi voir ce que nous pouvons améliorer.

Également, l’équipe d’AMS répond toujours rapidement à nos questions et ne manque jamais à nous supporter dans nos développements de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

AMS nous a permis d’atteindre de nouveaux niveaux de productivité et sont maintenant une partie intégrale de nos processus de fabrication de profilés d’acier.

Jean-Michel Rancourt
Manugypse – Gestionnaire de projets et amélioration continue

Eclipse PRO has everything going for it.

  • For starters, it’s based on Eclipse Legacy, which is the best data-gathering tool in our industry that I know of. If you want to know what works, what doesn’t work and where to spend your time and money to make your operation run better, Eclipse will help you with that.  Good data and a system for presenting that data to decision makers has helped us build a solid foundation for an effective process improvement program.
  • Easy to understand and well-organized screen formatting places complex data analysis within reach of non-technical users. All of the powerful data gathering tools of Eclipse Legacy are preserved, but the PRO version provides a much more intuitive, familiar ‘Windows’ feel for those without extensive programming backgrounds.  With Pro, we can involve the entire production team, from machine operators to General Managers, in our process improvement process!
  • Knowledgeable and responsive support staff is invaluable! From initial install through complex integrations with our ERP to follow-up troubleshooting, the Eclipse and AMS Controls support team has helped keep our deployment on track.  Access to your team of professionals through Premium Support has also helped us apply standardized processes to equipment and products that are often unique.  Equally important, they are willing and able to share their knowledge with our team so that we can develop internal resources to help us troubleshoot our own issues effectively.
  • Last but not least, I can’t thank you enough for the responsiveness of your team to our suggestions for improvement. It’s amazing to ask for changes in screen layout and functionality and actually have somebody listen!

Ultimately, it’s about making the company more profitable.  Better data leads to a more effective process improvement process which reduces waste and optimizes run time.  That’s what Eclipse Pro does for us.

Patrick Akins
CEMCO – Production Planner, Inventory Manager

We don’t train our operators how to use your controllers; your controllers teach our operators how to run the machines. For example, the coil validation feature won’t let the operator run the line when the wrong coil is loaded. If the wrong coil is loaded, the operator can’t run and needs to find a supervisor to get it corrected. Everyone should use this feature!

Minimizing scrap is crucial for us. Only 2% of our overhead is operator payroll, but 70% of our overhead is material cost. So running the mills faster just to send the operators home a few hours early affects a very small percentage of a very small number. However, if the operator runs a 10 foot piece of scrap, he has to run 100 feet of good material to recover and break even. Ten feet of scrap is the equivalent of one man hour of labor. Good generals think line speed, but great generals think scrap reduction.

If we can minimize the scrap coming off the lines, we improve profits. The features in the AMS controllers help us to do just that – minimize scrap and improve profits.

Thank you, AMS! You’ve got a great product!

Rayome Soupiset
Mueller Inc. – Corporate Operations Manager

AMS Controls knocks it out of the park! I feel like they are a part of my own personal technical and product support team. I’ve experienced timely and detailed support from AMS Controls: everything from technical support, sales support, training, and general customer support. AMS Controls is an outstanding company.

Bruce Maughan
Nucor Building Systems

With the AMS product, we’re able to catch potential production errors and eliminate manufacturing mistakes that previously would have been completely on the shoulders of the operator.

The operator, not having to spend valuable time programming jobs, is also able to dramatically improve machine up-time since orders are already entered, scheduled, and bundled. This further allows for better coil management that can often cost valuable minutes at the machine.

Jeff Hoopes
Regional Vice President-West, Metal Sales – Denver, CO

Your controller has reduced the stress of making specialized parts and I don’t need a journeyman operator to run it, which saves me money. Also, the controller has added a quality to our work that we could not have added without it…You don’t know how grateful I am and I thank you and your company for all your support and the trip out here to help us get started.

Doug Kisley
Gotham MetalWorks, Branch Manager

I wanted to quickly extend a thank you to the guys at AMS for the smooth Jorns retro…Blake, I also wanted to thank you especially for taking extra time and bumping your flight back to work with the guys to make sure they had a better understanding of the machine and making them feel more comfortable…that really meant a lot to us and the machine operators.

Dion Plessinger
Nucor Building Systems

The Pathfinder works great!!! It is like going from a Model A Ford to a Corvette.

Robert LaRocca
Reeves Insulation & Construction, Owner