FoldGuard for Pathfinder

Folding Machine Safety and Guarding System

The FoldGuard for Pathfinder safety and guarding system was developed by Lazer Safe specifically for C-frame style folding machines. It provides a complete safety solution including optical guarding of the clamping operation, clamp speed, and overrun monitoring and management of additional machine safety components.

AMS Controls is the exclusive provider of the FoldGuard system. It is available as part of our Pathfinder Folding Machine Controls system for new or retrofit applications. It can also be installed as a stand-alone safety system for folding machines without Pathfinder.


Complete Package

  • Safety controller
  • Block laser transmitter and receiver set
  • LCD operator panel and encoder kit
  • Installation and mounting brackets

Current Availability

FoldGuard is currently only available for folding machines with open access to the side of the clamping beam (i.e. C-clamp style folders).

This system is available for retrofits to existing machines or on new installations.

Key Features At A Glance

Automatic Monitoring

During operation, FoldGuard automatically monitors clamp position, movement, and stopping performance. Every time the clamp stops, the system automatically monitors the stopping distance (overrun) to make sure the clamp has stopped within a safe distance.

The system can also detect failures in the hydraulic and electrical systems associated with control of the clamping operation and triggers an emergency stop if a fault condition is detected.

Faster, Safer Production

The FoldGuard laser transmitter and receiver are positioned on either side of the machine with floor mounted brackets. A continuous block laser field protects the zone between the clamp to protect the operator as they hold the material while it is being clamped. The laser field is processed by the received and divided into three continuous zones to detect obstructions entering from the front, sides, and rear of the clamping space. The protective zones are independently and automatically muted to suit different shape work pieces. If an obstruction is detected, such as a tool or the operator’s fingers, the clamp motion is automatically stopped.

By providing this extra protection, FoldGuard enables the machine to operate without the need for a safety stop on each cycle for faster operation. A special hemming mode also enables parts to be formed safely at high-speed without unnecessary safety stops.

Intuitive User Interface

The FoldGuard HMI displays system and machine status in real time and provides the operator with simple to follow instructions and messages making the system very easy to operate. The active status of the optical protection is clearly displayed and the operator can quickly change guarding modes with the press of a button.

The panel features a magnetic backing allowing it to be moved and placed on the front of the machine within easy reach and view of the operator.