SWAP Program

What is SWAP?

AMS Controls created the SWAP program to give customers the option to expedite the repair process. Using the SWAP program allows you to exchange your existing controller for a refurbished controller at a discounted rate to ensure your line gets back up and running as quickly as possible, avoiding transit and repair times.

The SWAP program is not a loaner program. When you ship your broken controller to us, it becomes property of AMS Controls. The refurbished controller we send to you is now yours to keep. There is no need to wait for your controller to be repaired and shipped to you. The program allows us to literally swap controllers, saving you time and money.

SWAP Restrictions

The SWAP program does have some restrictions, however. Most notably, it is subject to availability. If the item you need is not in stock, then we cannot perform a SWAP. There is also a key time element: if you contact us by 3:00 pm CST on a business day (and the item is in stock), we can send the refurbished controller via next-day air (where available) and you will have your replacement controls the next morning. However, if you contact us after 3:00 pm CST, the replacement controller will not be shipped until the next business day. Also, it is very important that you return the existing controller to our offices. If you fail to return the controller within ten (10) business days, you will be charged the full price of a refurbished controller.

How to SWAP a Controller

If you believe your existing controller may still be under warranty, Technical Support will attempt to troubleshoot the problem over the phone.  If you are experiencing problems with an AMS Controls controller, contact our Support Team at support@amscontrols.com or 314-344-3144. Once the Support Technician has indicated that your control system is eligible for a SWAP and a replacement controller is available, you will need to sign and return a SWAP agreement and send a purchase order (P.O.) for the price of the replacement controller. A replacement controller will be shipped out, via your preferred shipment method, upon receipt of the signed agreement and P.O. Same-day shipping is available on in-stock items if we receive both the signed agreement and a P.O. before 3:00 pm CST.

The existing controller must immediately be returned to AMS Controls. If the item is not received within ten (10) business days, you will be charged for the full price of a refurbished controller. So don’t forget to mail out the old controller!

Shipping Costs

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. The refurbished controller will be shipped according to the shipping method chosen by the customer. Most SWAPs are sent next-day air to ensure the line can resume production.

AMS Controls’ preferred shipping method is UPS. Additional charges apply when using other carriers. Please specify your preferred shipping method when you contact support for a SWAP. SWAP shipments without a stated preferred shipping method will be sent via UPS.

Warranty Issues

If you have had the AMS Controls controller for less than two years, it may still be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. However, a warranty determination cannot be made over the phone. All warranty determinations are made in-house by our repair technicians. Standard SWAP procedure, including issuing a P.O., must be followed even if the equipment is still under warranty.

If controller failure is determined to be covered by the warranty and the controller is still within the two year warranty period, then AMS Controls will credit the cost of the SWAP service and shipping to the customer.

SWAP Warranty

Refurbished controllers provided under the SWAP program are warranted for ninety (90) days or the balance of the original controller’s warranty, whichever is greater.