XL220 HVAC Controls

AMS Controls has more than 30 years of experience with ductwork machines.

The first HVAC machine controllers using microprocessor technology were designed and built by AMS Controls. Accuracy, ease of use, and innovation have been the features of these products. Continuing in this tradition, AMS Controls is proud to offer the XL220 Series Controller for ductwork machines. These controls improve the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of any rectangular ductwork machine. They also bring the latest technology for computer automation, part marking, and bar coding to the HVAC industry.

XL220 Series controllers are compatible with any brand of ductwork machine built in any era, making it easy to modernize your machine at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Why the XL220 and AMS Controls?

  • We understand the various machine types and needs of your business.
  • We have developed specialized control products and turnkey solutions for all major brands and models.
  • We have a staff of technical experts to install and provide ongoing support.

Our Turnkey Solution Includes

  • New operator station with single-point data entry.
  • New electrical panels, motor starters, push buttons, emergency stop circuitry, rotary encoders, etc.
  • Designed to the latest NEC standards.
  • Ability to import from popular CAD systems (optional).
  • Track coil usage and scrap.
  • Installation and training.

Benefits of a New Control System

  • Improved machine efficiency and reliability.
  • Minimized operator errors.
  • Streamlined operations when downloading from design software.
  • Modular design allows the system to grow with your business.
  • Improved safety features – category 2 or higher emergency stop.
  • Variable speed drive on dual-head improves part forming.

Automatic HVAC ductwork machines have been around for several decades. These were some of the first machines to use electronic length control. The basic machine controls have become obsolete and repair has been a problem. Many mechanically viable machines will benefit from upgrading out of date controls that in some cases are no longer supported by the OEM. Machines can be brought up to the latest controls technology by retrofitting them with AMS Controls systems.

AMS Controls has designed a system to completely replace existing controls on HVAC machines. The XL220 Series Controller comes ready to punch holes in duct for SMACNA specified stiffened rods. The controller can punch 1, 2, or 3 holes in up to 3 locations on both the height and width of the duct. The XL220 Series Controller also has an output to offset the punch pattern for the width section to eliminate interference when rods are required in both legs.

The system incorporates the XL220 controller as the programming front end and is designed with the following in mind:

Easy To Use

The XL220 controller has been designed with over 30 years of operator suggestions in mind. You can program the entire machine by entering a single line item of data; however, it is flexible enough to run independent programs on each machine if necessary.

Download Capable

The XL220 controller can communicate with Eclipse Production Management Software. Eclipse is capable of interfacing with many popular CAD programs.

Improved Safety

Typical HVAC machines only incorporate a single e-stop button for the entire machine. This is simply not enough for a machine this size. The XL220 adds an e-stop button to every electrical enclosure for added safety. We also incorporate Siemens Profi-Safe technology for added safety.

Up-To-Date Control Equipment

The XL220 system incorporates the most up-to-date electrical equipment. In most cases, parts can be found locally or can be shipped from our shelves in one day.

Expandable Control Technology

AMS Controls incorporates a PLC and Touch Screen HMI in all of our systems. If options or machine components get added in the future, the system is capable of expanding to control that machine.

Quick Installation

We have gone to great lengths to make this system as easy to install as possible.Some of these features include:

        • All new pre-wired Motor Starters, Circuit Breakers, Terminal Blocks, Switches, etc.
        • Power interconnection system. The XL220 uses pluggable power cables to get 3-phase power from one box to another, eliminating the need for time consuming conduit runs.
        • Siemens Profi-Net communication. The XL220 utilizes Siemens Profi-Safe technology and remote I/O to communicate between electrical boxes. This all but eliminates the pulling of wires from one box to another. The only connection that needs to be made is a simple cable.
        • Pre-wired cables for switches and motors. AMS Controls will pre-wire all switches and motor cables inside the electrical cabinets at the factory. The technician simply connects the pre-labeled cables to the appropriate device on the machine.
        • Remote Assistance. If problems arise, AMS Controls is there for you with our team of experienced support technicians. As an optional feature, AMS Controls can install AMSConnect so that our in-house engineers can access your machine from our location to diagnose the problem and get it resolved without the expense of traveling.