• $2,360
  • AMS Part #: 105412

Remote Display

Do you have a long roll forming line but only one controller display? Are your operators wasting valuable production time running back and forth to reach the controls? Our new Remote Display can be added where you need it most: whether it is at the shear, the press, or the end of the line.

To simplify the wiring of these Remote Displays, we created the Remote Display Splitter. This product connects the XL200 controller to the Remote Display and regenerates the DVI video signals so you can extend the distance between the XL200 controller and the display.

Each splitter can regenerate signals for 50′ feet and you can combine splitters to reach distances over that amount. The Remote Display features a larger screen than our normal XL200 display (12.1″ vs. the XL200’s 10.4″) and allows operators to do everything they can do on the primary controller, but at a more convenient location on the line.

There is no limit to the number of displays you can use on one machine. As an example, we have customers in Sweden currently using four displays on one line that is 100 yards long – that’s the length of a football field!