Repair Policies

AMS Controls offers two levels of repair service to Customers, as well as a refurbished unit program (SWAP). In either case, customers must contact Technical Support to receive a Service Order (SVO) number before shipping any items to AMS Controls. Items received without a SVO printed clearly on the outside of the shipping container could experience delays in service. The Repair department cannot process items until a Technical Support Specialist has been in communication with the customer and issued a SVO number.

Payment Methods

All repairs, including warranty repairs, must be accompanied by either a Purchase Order or credit card payment. To issue a Purchase Order, a potential customer must have a Credit Application processed by the AMS Accounting Department. Credit card orders must include the following information:

  • Credit Card Company (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Credit Card Number
  • Name (First and Last Name Appearing on Card)
  • Expiration Date (mm/yy)

Required Information for Service Orders (SVO)

Whether calling Technical Support or submitting a request via e-mail, the following information is required before a SVO can be issued for any product repair, including warranty issues:

  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Purchase Order or credit card information
  • Problem description (please include as much detail as possible)
  • Billing method (Open PO, Not to Exceed, Evaluation) – Warranty claims are treated as evaluations until a warranty determination is made by the Repair Department.
  • Service level (Standard or Priority)

Billing methods and service levels are explained in greater detail below.

Please be sure Technical Support is aware of a contact name (first and last including phone number and/or e-mail address), as well as the company name and shipping address.

Encoder Repairs

All AMS Controls encoders are rebuilt by the Repair Department. This allows us to charge a standard rate and ensures greater reliability for repaired units. The price for an encoder repair/rebuild is based on the model:

  • N256 – $336.00
  • N500 – $396.00
  • N1000 – $456.00
  • N2000 – $516.00
  • S1000 – $600.00
  • S2000 – $680.00

The “N” designation in the encoder model describes the “new” version of encoder hardware. The body of the encoder is physically shorter than the old design, but all other physical aspects are the same. Older encoders without the “N” model designation will be updated to the new version during the rebuild at no additional cost.

N-type encoder repairs typically have a 1 -2 business day turnaround time. Due to the tighter tolerances required, S-type encoder repairs typically have a 4-5 business day turnaround time.

Controller Repairs

Repairs may be requested as:

  • Evaluation – Evaluation fees are 2 hours x the Repair service level requested by the customer. After the unit has been checked by the Repair Department, a technician will call the customer with an estimate for the repair total. The Evaluation fee will be applied to the total repair cost. In some cases, evaluation time will exceed 2 hours (older units, extensive damage, etc.). The customer will be updated with the new estimate for evaluation time and asked for permission to continue the evaluation.
  • Open PO – The customer understands repairs must be made and authorizes all parts and labor required to service the unit back to working order (AMS Controls will contact customers when repair costs exceed $2,000.00).
  • Not to Exceed – The customer requests a specific repair cost for parts and labor. If the total for the repair is estimated to exceed this amount, AMS Controls will contact the customer for permission or further instructions.

Repairs are charged at a minimum of 2 hours.

Repair Service Levels

The following pricing applies to modern versions of our controllers. Legacy controllers may not be repairable and have different repair labor rates, depending on model and serial number. Please contact us at for more information. Include your controller model and serial number in your email for the most accurate information.


  • $125 per hour labor rate
  • Customer charged for parts and labor
  • Typical 3-6 business week turnaround
  • Customer pays for shipping
  • $25 surcharge for non-UPS domestic shipments and $50 surcharge for non-UPS international shipments. (See AMS shipping policy.)


  • $175 per hour labor rate
  • Customer charged for parts and labor
  • Typical 1 week turnaround
  • Customer pays for shipping
  • $25 surcharge for non-UPS domestic shipments and $50 surcharge for non-UPS international shipments. (See AMS shipping policy.)

Dependability and Performance Hardware Upgrades

The Engineering group releases performance and dependability upgrades for hardware in the form of Engineering Change Orders (ECOs). When an ECO is released, it can be applied to a Service Item when that item comes to AMS Controls for repair.

ECOs applied to any Service Item are charged at 50% for labor and 100% for parts. Service items covered by warranty have ECOs applied at no charge to the Customer.

Repair Warranty

All controller repairs carry a 90 day warranty, or the remainder of the original warranty, whichever is longer.