The AMSConnect offers remote connectivity of your XL200 Series Controllers by AMS Controls Support Technicians. This remote connection allows our Technicians to see what’s happening with your machine as it is happening. Troubleshooting is simplified and programming the PLC with updates has never been easier. In addition, our Technicians can easily provide demonstrations of features to your operators without the expense of travel time.

In case of a breakdown, this system offers the fastest recovery time possible short of having an AMS Controls Technician stationed at your facility. AMSConnect allows our support team to remotely access information about your control system to quickly diagnose and solve problems.

AMSConnect Features

  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics of your existing PLC/HMI.
  • Remote programming the PLC with enhancements and features.
  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics of your XL200 Series Controllers.
  • Remote demonstration of functions and features of the XL200 Series Controllers.

The AMSConnect service requires an annual maintenance fee to maintain access to the system’s full functionality. The first year of service is included in the initial purchase. Subsequent annual fees will apply to maintain remote access. AMSConnect uses an Ethernet-based network and a secure VPN connection to communicate with your system.

Here’s how it works:

The Web Port Router is installed and connected to the existing PLC and controller equipment.

The Web Port Router is also connected to the Customer’s Network via Ethernet. Customer must supply Internet access to this equipment.

The Web Port creates a secure VPN connection to a remote server. AMS Controls’ technicians communicate with this same server to gain access to the machine to aid in troubleshooting.