Pathfinder Folding Machine Controls Videos

Pathfinder is the world’s easiest-to-use graphic controller interface for folding machines. As these videos show, Pathfinder can take even a beginning operator and turn them into an expert folder with increased output and reduced scrap.

Pathfinder Folding Machine Controls - Smackdown!

Pathfinder Automatic Bend Sequencing

Pathfinder’s auto sequencing feature will automatically determine the optimum bending sequences for a part from millions of possibilities.

The ranked solutions take into account things such as the timing of hems, the number of handling operations, and the severity of machine / part interferences. The sequences are then presented in an easy to follow format that allows the operator to animate the solutions to find the one that best suits them. Handling operations are included in the solution so the operator can see the full impact of the sequence. Once a selection is made, Pathfinder automatically loads the proper machine steps for that sequence and is ready to make the part. That solution then becomes the preferred solution and is used automatically the next time the part is opened.

Automatic Bend Sequencing - Box Gutter

Automatic Sequencing - Box Rake Trim

Auto-Sequencing Example - Drip Edge

Auto-Sequencing Example - Ridge Cap

Auto-Sequencing Example - Sculpted Gutter

Auto-Sequencing Example - Complicated Part

Auto-Sequencing Example - Another Complicated Part

Auto-Sequencing Example - Double Thickness Profile

Auto-Sequencing Example - fl-45

Creating a New Part - Coping Cap

A brief demonstration of creating a simple part in Pathfinder.

Automatic Springback Compensation Preview

This feature can be a retrofit option for most folding machines. It includes a sensor which measures the actual bend angle while the part is being made. Based on the amount of springback detected, the Pathfinder controller will re-bend the part to correct the angle. In this video, we demonstrate bending a simple part with the compensation feature turned on.

Part Production Demo

In this video, we show the creation of a new part and immediately producing the part without worrying about the bend sequence. The video also gives a good demonstration of what the machine operator sees when making parts.

Multi-Lingual Demo

Pathfinder supports multiple languages. Here is a video showing the controller in German.

Creating a New Part - Mirror Function

This video demonstrates the mirror function. Since many profiles are symmetrical, the mirror function cuts the time to create the profile in half.

Manual Sequencing Demo

In case you do not like the automatically generated sequences, it is easy to create your own bend sequence. This video shows the generation and simulation of a manual sequence.