XL200-SPD Spiral Duct Machine Controls

The XL200-SPD industrial controller has been developed specifically for spiral duct machines, both new installations and retrofits. With retrofit installations, the XL200-SPD replaces the existing spiral duct machine controller and electrical system, adding years of life to the machine. In addition, it adds new functions, improves your overall performance and increases your machine’s accuracy. It will reduce your scrap and save you both time and money.

The XL200-SPD allows you to program finished part lengths and does the necessary calculations to determine the amount of material actually needed to complete the part.

Unlimited batches, easy label printing, and part marking are all features on the XL200-SPD system. Most importantly, the system easily integrates with Eclipse Production Management Software, allowing you to download orders straight from your office to your spiral duct machine. Eclipse allows you to further reduce the possibility of errors with one-point data entry and opens up a world of possibility with its reporting features.