Eclipse Classic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Eclipse Classic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is production management software for metal roll forming and metal folding operations. It integrates your machinery with your office to help eliminate mistakes, increase production capacity and provide detailed reporting on everything from scrap, downtime, production efficiency, coil inventory and more.

Can I use Eclipse on more than one roll forming machine?

With a Standard Eclipse license, you can use Eclipse on thirty or more machines in one physical location. Each location will require its own license, however. If you have two plants with fifteen machines each, you will require only two Eclipse licenses to operate all thirty machines.

Is Eclipse compatible with our folding machines, too?

No, Eclipse is not compatible with our Pathfinder controllers for folding machines.

Why should I use Eclipse?

Eclipse will bring you access to a wealth of information about your operation including enhanced job scheduling and detailed reporting on production, operating efficiency, downtime, scrap, good footage, coil inventory and more.

How long does it take to install Eclipse?

Eclipse can be installed and configured in as little as a day for very simple uses. However, more complex installations vary in length according to the level of complexity.

Is there an annual maintenance fee?

Yes, there is an annual maintenance fee. This fee covers technical support (via phone or email) and access to new releases of Eclipse software. It also entitles you to attend our quarterly training classes, held at our offices in St. Louis (travel and lodging are not included) or our online webinars.

The first year of maintenance is included in your purchase price. After that time, an annual fee per license will be charged to access technical support and software updates. Contact us for fee details.

Can I pay my annual maintenance invoice online?

You can pay your Eclipse invoice online at any time. You will need your invoice number and billing postal code/customer number. Contact us for questions or assistance.

How do I get updates for Eclipse?

Your Eclipse software will inform you when an update is available unless you have opted not to receive such notifications. Either way, you can select “Check for Updates” to ensure that you have the latest version available. The software will then prompt you to install the latest version. Simply follow the directions to update your software.

To receive an update, you must be current on your annual maintenance. If you are not current on your annual maintenance fee, you are not eligible to receive software updates. Please read “Is there an annual maintenance fee?” above to learn more. Don’t forget to subscribe to Eclipse update notifications to receive email updates when new Eclipse updates are available.

Is Eclipse compatible with my ERP system?

If your ERP system can export to Eclipse, then they are compatible. Orders can then be imported into Eclipse directly from your ERP.  For questions about specific ERP systems, contact