Printer Interface (6370)

The Printer Interface allows you to print to a bundle ticket or inkjet printer directly from your XL200 Series Controller. The Printer Interface supports a variety of manufacturers’ printers, including Videojet, Matthews, and Zebra. For more information on whether your specific printer is compatible, contact us.


Print on Part

  • AMS Part #: 202201

Bundle Tag

  • AMS Part #: 202374

The Printer Interface is a communications gateway that allows an XL200 Series controller to communicate with printers. The Printer Interface translates a signal from an XL200 controller and transmits it to compatible bundle and print on part printers.

Each printer requires a separate Printer Interface to communicate with the XL200. As seen below, you can use RS232, RS485, or current loop to network the printers to the controller using the Printer Interface.

The Printer Interface (6370) replaces the discontinued Printer Interface (4370) and is only compatible with XL200 Series controllers.