BOSS Shear

The BOSS shear is a specialized machine application invented by The Bradbury Company. It uses a servo-controlled rotary crank to achieve a linear flying cut for panel machines. Since the machine is a pre-cut application, the shear is simple and serves multiple tooling profiles to a downstream roll former. The overriding clutch on the feed rolls allows the machine to run a wide range of lengths with a very short conveyor between the pre-cut shear and the first pass of the roll former. To support this specialized machine type, AMS Controls added the XL208CL software model to the XL200 Series controller family. This model was later replaced with the XL200CL-RE.

The XL200CL-RE uses parameters specific to this application, and as such, cannot be used for other, more standard, roll forming applications. There are no press dwell times available to the user, since the up/down action of the cutting die is mechanically tied to the forward/reverse action of the die.

Since its original design, The Bradbury Company has made changes to the mechanics of the machine to achieve higher production rates and accept varying widths of material. To accommodate the variations in machine design, the XL200CL-RE software model includes several configurable parameters to allow the user to dictate the specific mechanical composition of this machine. These parameters are described along with the rest of the standard XL200 Series parameters on this website.

Please note: The XL208CL is now discontinued. It has been replaced by the XL200CL-RE.