Pathfinder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pathfinder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is an innovative graphical folding machine controller. With Pathfinder, your operators can program parts faster and easier. It allows you to see the part you are making as you program it and determines the best folding sequence for even the most challenging parts.

Will Pathfinder work on my folding machine?

Pathfinder can be installed on many models of folding machine, old or new. Many Jorns, Schechtl, Roper Whitney, RAS, Thalmann, Bradbury, etc. folders can all be retrofit with Pathfinder controls. Contact AMS Controls with the model number and brand name of your folding machine to learn more.

Why should I use Pathfinder on my old machine?

Pathfinder is the best way to bring an old twentieth-century folding machine into the twenty-first century. Our touchscreen technology coupled with SmartPath™ automatic bend sequencing software will make your simple folding machine capable of more than simple folds. Radius programming, open hems, batch programming and blank size calculation is a breeze with Pathfinder. Using Pathfinder can cut your part programming time down from 20 minutes to 1 minute, giving your machine more time to actually make parts.

Is it difficult to learn how to use Pathfinder?

Not at all. Pathfinder is so easy-to-use that anyone can program and create a part, even a brand-new operator with no experience! AMS Controls offers on-site training when Pathfinder is installed. In a couple of hours, your operators will be able to create parts, organize part libraries, and more.

How do I get updates for Pathfinder?

Pathfinder software updates are simple and only require a common USB flash drive. Our support staff will email you the update file. From there, you simply place that file on your flash drive and upload it to your Pathfinder PC.

If your machine is connected to the internet, our technicians can remote into your Pathfinder to perform the update. Contact support for more information.

Note: Recalibrating and tuning the machine may be necessary after an update, so allow time for that process when scheduling an update.