Requesting Eclipse Classic Support

Requesting Eclipse Classic Support

When requesting assistance with Eclipse, our team will request the error.txt and xlwin.ini files that are located in the Eclipse Classic folder, typically found at C:\Eclipse. Emailing these files to will speed up the support process.

If you are experiencing an error, please provide a screenshot of the error by emailing it along with your error.txt and xlwin.ini files. Any details about exactly what actions were taken when the error occurred will be helpful.

Our team will verify that you have a current Eclipse license before providing support. An annual maintenance fee is assessed to keep licenses current. This fee covers technical support (via phone or email) and access to new releases of Eclipse software. It also entitles you to attend our quarterly training classes, held at our offices in St. Louis (travel and lodging are not included) or our online webinars.

The first year of maintenance is included in your purchase price. After that time, an annual fee per license will be charged to access technical support and software updates. Late payments may result in catch-up fees. Contact us for fee details.