XL100 Repairs and Technical Support Discontinued

XL100 Repairs and Technical Support Discontinued

The XL100 has been an industry standard since its introduction in 1991. But like any technology, there comes a time when it becomes outdated. That time for the XL100 is now. We continue to receive requests for repairs that we cannot make because the parts no longer exist. None of the technicians currently employed at AMS Controls have used or installed an XL100 controller. We have limited information available here on our website for download, but that is the limit of technical support available for these controllers.

We discontinued XL100 repairs as of 12/31/2014.

If you have an XL100 that is no longer functioning, your best option is to upgrade to a XL200 Series Controller.

While the XL100 served its users well, the XL200 creates ROI for your business with a whole new level of efficiency and flexibility:

  • A noticeably faster processor and more memory
  • Greater management enforcement of policy with more flexibility to control operator access
  • Additional Eclipse features plus Ethernet connection

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