Installing TeamViewer

Installing TeamViewer

Running TeamViewer on an Eclipse PC

  1. From the Eclipse PC, download the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.
  2. Run the downloaded program to start a QuickSupport session.

Installing TeamViewer on a Pathfinder PC

Equipment required:

Insert USB into any port on PC.

Download the TeamViewer file and extract the files to your removable flash drive.

Right click on the folder:

Figure 1 right click the link

Select Send To:.

Figure 2 send to

Choose the USB removable:.

Figure 3 removable disk

NOTE: It doesn’t matter the letter as long as Removable Disk is chosen.

Close window

Remove USB drive from computer.

Locate Pathfinder PFPC.

Disable Write Filter.

Insert USB drive into any of the USB ports on the back of the Pathfinder PF PC.

Install the rootsupd.exe by moving it to the desktop and double-clicking the icon.

Figure 4 rootspud icon

NOTE: There’s no visible indication that the install happened, so just wait 10 seconds after double-clicking the .exe before proceeding to the next step.

Copy TeamViewerQS.exe to the same location where it is on the new PCs: the Pathfinder Tools folder on the Desktop.

Figure 5 rootspud icon

Enable the Write Filter.
Install Complete!