Pathfinder PC Backup/Restore/Import Procedure – Pathfinder v2

Pathfinder PC Backup/Restore/Import Procedure – Pathfinder v2

These functions allow users to safeguard Pathfinder’s critical information by copying their system data to an external USB flash drive.

All machine setup parameters, material definitions, and library profiles will be contained in the Pathfinder backup file. This file can be used to restore the system to a known state in the event that machine parameters were changed without permission, profiles were accidentally deleted from the library, or in the unlikely event of a complete catastrophic failure. The backup file can also be used to transport a Profile Library from one folding machine to another.

It is important to backup Pathfinder on a regular basis as new profiles or sequences are added to the library, as well as any time significant changes are made to the machine parameters.

Tools Required

  • A removable USB flash drive

Note: The USB flash drive must be inserted into one of the open USB ports on the Pathfinder PC before starting the Backup, Restore, or Import functions.


Log in as an Administrator.

On the Tools screen, select the Administrator Tools menu and the Backup / Restore / Import sub-menu.
Backup, Restore, Import Screen

Figure 1: Backup, Restore, Import Screen
Select the Backup All Data button to create a Pathfinder backup file.

Use the Save File dialog window to choose a location where the file will be saved, and use the on-screen keyboard to change the default file name if desired.

Note: This file will contain all machine parameters, controller settings, advanced settings, and material definitions that have been currently saved in Pathfinder’s local database. The backup file will also contain all profiles and custom bending sequences that have been saved in the Profile Library.

Figure 2: Save File Dialog Window

Select the Backup Logs button to make a copy of Pathfinder’s system and communication log files. These files may be necessary for technical support personnel to help diagnose any problems or issues found in the Pathfinder software.


Log in as an Administrator.

On the Restore tab, select the Restore All Data button to restore all data from a previously saved Pathfinder backup file.

Note: Restoring all data will over-write all machine parameters, controller settings, material definitions and profile library data that are currently in Pathfinder’s local database with the data contained in the backup file.

Note: Use this option with caution, after ensuring that the backup file you’re restoring from contains data that is applicable for the machine being restored.


Log in as an Administrator.

On the Import tab, the user has the option to select which set of data to restore from the backup file.
Select Import Settings to only over-write Pathfinder’s machine parameters and controller settings from the backup file.

Select Import Materials or Import Profile Library to merge the selected data from the backup file into Pathfinder’s current local database.

As profile data is imported, Pathfinder compares profile names from the backup file to names in its local Profile Library. If duplicate names are found, existing profiles will be overwritten by the new profiles.