Update XL200 Software

Update XL200 Software

Update XL200 Software – Flashing Procedure

Before attempting to flash a XL200 Series machine controller, users must contact AMS Controls for the appropriate flash file. The Flash Wizard software will usually be included in what is sent, or it can downloaded from the downloads tab on the XL200 Series support download page.

In order to create a flash file, AMS Controls Technical Support Specialists must know the hardware version, current software model, desired software model, software version, and serial number of the controller to be flashed. Often, the Specialist can find most of this information with only the serial number of the controller, assuming adequate records have been kept and updated.

XL200 controllers currently loaded with Version 1 software can only be tracked by serial number in terms of their hardware revisions. Version 1 software did not display the controller’s hardware information to the user.

Version 2 and higher software models display all their pertinent information in a single menu – Diagnostics\System Information. Normally, only the software model and serial number will be required by the Specialist at AMS Controls. If records were lost or improperly updated, a digital picture of the System Information screen showing the Model, Serial Number, and hardware revision numbers might be required.

XLseries 200 system info

When the flashing software and new flash file are received, the flash file name should match the new software model, version and serial number. For instance, XL212_v3_45_01_sn7505.FMF.

Updating / Flashing Software by Revision and Version

Different software versions and hardware revisions have slightly different procedures. Please verify your specific hardware and software versions to be sure you’re using the correct procedure. If you don’t know which version you are currently using, view XL Series Controllers Support > Version Information.

Authorization codes were always required by the original XL200 Flash Program software. Later, Flash Wizard was created and would often allow the user to program the XL200 Series machine controller without the need for an authorization code.

Flash Wizard does not require an authorization code if the software model does not change. That is, if the controller’s software version is the only change, no code is required. If the software model will change with the flash, the user will be required to contact AMS Controls for an authorization code, unless AMS was contacted for the flash file, originally. Technical Support Specialists can embed the controller’s serial number in the flash file so that Flash Wizard will not prompt for an authorization code.

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