Using the Profile Editor – Edge

The navigation bar runs across the top of the Profile Editor screen. More information on each button is listed below.

Create New Profile Icon Create a new profile
 Open Library Icon Open profile library
 Save Profile Icon Save profile
 Copy Profile Icon Copy profile, similar to a “Save As”
 Edit Profile Information Icon Edit profile information, including name, category, and subcategory
 Print Icon Print
 Reset View Icon Reset view – centers profile on the screen
Select Zoom Level Icon Select zoom level – allows you to draw a rectangle and zoom into the selected area
 Zoom Out Icon Zoom out
 Zoom In Icon Zoom in
 Rotate Left Icon Rotate view left
 Rotate Right Icon Rotate view right
 Undo Icon Undo change
 Redo Icon Redo change
 Paint Roller Icon Change the profile’s painted side – can also be used to flip an angle or hem
 Mirror Icon Mirror – used with symmetrical parts, allows user to draw half of the part and the rest is “mirrored”
 Delete Icon Delete the selected segment, angle, or hem
Select Previous Segment Icon Select previous segment
Select Next Segment Icon Select next segment