Eclipse Pro Scheduler

Eclipse Pro Scheduler

The Scheduler is used to manually download orders to a controller and set up the framework for downloading jobs automatically, at predetermined times, when requested by the machine operator, or when the footage at a controller drops below a specified threshold. In this guide, we will be going over the general navigation, usability, and functionality of the Eclipse Pro Scheduler.

To access the Scheduler, expand the Schedule within the Eclipse Pro navigation pane and then select Scheduler.

Scheduler provides the ability to toggle between the different orders per machine by selecting the machine name in the top left corner.

Assigned and Available Jobs

The top section of the Scheduler is separated into two main categories Assigned Jobs and Available Jobs. Assigned jobs are orders currently “On-Machine” as well as jobs that are sequenced and scheduled for production. Available jobs are all orders available for the machine and unscheduled for production on the machine.

Assigned Jobs

For customers with a large volume of Assigned Jobs, this section can be expanded by selecting the two arrows to the right of Assigned Jobs. This allows for easy accessibility to change an orders sequence or quickly adapt to changes in the production schedule.

For Jobs that are currently “On Machine”, you have the option to recall an individual job or unschedule.

Available Jobs

Within available jobs, you are able to see the details of a given job code or order code. By default, item/part length, tooling, material, required by, order, customer, and length of the order are displayed.

Jobs (Orders) with similar tooling, material, required by, etc. will be grouped together within the display. This display sorts from left to right, meaning that the column in the far left will take precedence when sorting your jobs as opposed to the column to the far right.

Here you can see the grouping of orders that contain the same tooling and material codes.

You can customize the columns by adding or removing the job order detail columns you would like displayed. This can be done by selecting the gear in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Orders are sorted starting on the far left column. You can customize your sorting by dragging the column to the left or right of the display.

There is also a helpful search function to find a specific job as well as filters that can be applied to quickly find specific available jobs.


Schedule – Takes the selected jobs and adds them to the end of the schedule.

Send to machine – Immediately downloads the selected jobs to the end of the “On Machine” sequence.

Recall – Recalls the selected jobs from the “On Machine” sequence and places the jobs into the schedule (Assign to machine).

Unschedule – Removes the selected jobs from the schedule and places them back into Available Jobs.

Hold – Sets the selected jobs to an “On hold” status. Jobs with an “on hold” status cannot be sent to the machine, but can still be scheduled.

In the example above you can see that the held job cannot be sent directly to Machine 1. It can, however, be scheduled. Once the held status was removed from the job, I could then send it out to the Machine.

Auto-push – Controls how much lineal footage of orders should be sent to a machine that is running low on scheduled orders. Auto-push footage is configured at a per-machine level.

In the example above you will see that the minimum Auto-push footage assigned for Machine 1 is 600ft. Since Machine 1 only has 15 ft on the machine, Auto-push will automatically send an order out to Machine 1 to keep the footage above the minimum specified.


Why are only some of my machines listed in the scheduler?

Depending on your Eclipse Pro licensing, you may only have some of your active machines licensed with the scheduler feature. If you or your company are interested in adding additional lines to your Eclipse Pro license please reach out to

I see the scheduler available within Eclipse Pro, but everything is blank. My coworker is able to schedule to the machines, but I cannot.

Your Eclipse Pro user account may not have permissions to access the scheduler. Check in with your designated Eclipse Pro administrator and verify that your account has been granted scheduler permissions.

Some of my orders are not appearing within the scheduler for my Machine.

This issue could occur for any number of reasons. Due to multiple variables involved, please reach out to for further assistance.