Machine Performance Standards

Machine Performance Standards

Every machine will have different performance characteristics. These are things like maximum run speed, expected average run speed, and time needed to change a coil. These numbers are used by Eclipse Pro when running computations like “Is the machine running at maximum capacity?”, “How much time does it take for this machine to complete an order or job of N pieces?”, or “When will a particular order or job be completed.” 

Metric name Explanation 
Feet per minute Machine speed 
Coil Change Amount of time machine is stopped to change out a coil 
Tooling change Amount of time machine is stopped to change out a tool 
Bundle change Amount of time machine is stopped between bundles 
Table of known metrics set for each machine

Tooling has a further level of specificity. Each individual tool can have its own set of bundle, coil, and tool change performance numbers. If a tool does not have these values configured then the machine level numbers get used. Each machine must have these values defined. 

Planning vs. Target 

There are two complete sets of values that users are responsible for configuring. The first is what we call planning numbers. These values are used when computing the schedule. If we need to know how long to plan a coil change on a machine with tool 7B, we use the planning numbers defined for that machine and tool combination.

The second set of values are the target numbers. These are the machine’s goals. We look at these targets to compare current performance to the goal. For example, the scheduler algorithm might plan on a coil change taking 10 minutes and produce a best guess schedule using that figure. However, the management defined target could be 8 minutes and Pro might generate an alert when a change hits the 8 minute mark. Or maybe simply summarize how far off-target the shift was in an end of shift production summary report. 

This view is used for initial settings or updating Target values. These values are used in the Production Summary report, Machine Dashboard metrics, Predictive Scheduling, and other reports.

Machine Level Performance Standards
Specific Tooling Performance Standards