Installing Pathfinder Updates

Installing Pathfinder Updates

Based on the version of software you are currently running, additional steps to those shown below may be required.

  • Version or Newer, All Version 2, Version 4 up to v4.09.00. No additional steps are required. All parameter and system calibration information will be transferred from the update.
  • Version – The calibration screens have been upgraded. Once the update has been applied, you will be required to re-calibrate the machine. Read more about re-calibration in the support section Calibrating the Machine.
  • Version 1.15.42 or Older. Contact AMS Technical Support (see the support section General Support). The update procedure for these versions is different than that shown below.

The Check for Updates function should be used to install a newer version of Pathfinder software on the machine. The file must be located in the root directory of a USB flash drive and inserted in one of the PC’s available USB ports. On the Tool screen, select the Administrator Tools menu and the Check for Updates sub-menu. Pathfinder searches for any applicable software updates on all removable flash drives. The more files that are on your USB drive, the longer this process will take.

If an update is available, you will see the following dialog. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the new software on the machine.

Updating Pathfinder Check Screen

If updates are available, select Yes to shutdown Pathfinder and open the Update Application, as seen below.

Updating Pathfinder Start Update Screen

The Update Application shows your current Pathfinder version as well as the version to which you will be updating. Select Apply Update to install the new version of the software. The updater screen will list the actions taking place as the software is installed.

Updating Pathfinder Update in Progress Screen

Once the update is completed, click the Close button. Pathfinder will automatically restart with the newest version installed.

Note: All data contained in the Pathfinder’s local database, including machine parameters, material definitions and profile library data will be preserved when installing an update to a newer version.

Updating the Motion Controller

If a Motion Controller update file, newer than the version currently running, is available on a connected USB flash drive, you will be prompted to apply the update when Pathfinder restarts.

Updating Pathfinder Black Box Update Screen

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the new update. After the installation is complete, you will need to reference your machine.

Once the machine is referenced, you may continue running production on the updated machine.