Installing Pathfinder Updates Manually (PFPC 7X00 Series)

Installing Pathfinder Updates Manually (PFPC 7X00 Series)

The following is a procedure to install a manual update to Pathfinder (without using the updater tool found in later versions of the software).

This procedure will only work for Pathfinder models PFPC 7000 or PFPC 7100 running version 4 software. For assistance with updating, please contact our Support team.

Note: If possible, use a USB keyboard or USB mouse to perform this procedure. Using a keyboard will simplify deleting and copying multiple files.

Note: A new updater app was introduced in Pathfinder v4.09.00.1816.  When upgrading from a V4 version below to a version at or above, create a backup the Pathfinder folder and then perform a manual install of the update.  Once a Pathfinder installation is updated to or beyond v4.09.00.1816, automatic updates using the new updater should work.

Backup All Data

  1. Apply power to the system to get the Pathfinder PC to power up.
  2. Once the PC turns on and Pathfinder opens, log in as Administrator.
  3. Locate a USB flash drive and plug it into one of the three USB ports on the back of the Pathfinder PC
  4. Enter the Setup and Configuration screen by touching the Tools button.
  5. Select the Administrator Tools menu on the left side of the screen.
  6. Select the Backup / Restore / Import sub-menu.
  7. Select the Backup All Data button to create a Pathfinder backup file. The Save File window will appear and open up the USB flash drive.
    Note: Using the on-screen keyboard, you can change the name of the file or leave it as the default, which includes the current date.
  8. Pathfinder will display a prompt warning that it will exit to perform the operation. Press Yes to continue.
  9. Select External Drive from the list. If there is more than one option named External Drive, select the last one from the list – this is likely the USB drive you just inserted.
  10. The backup process will complete automatically and re-launch Pathfinder.

Copy New Files

  1. Exit Pathfinder to the Windows desktop.
  2. On the desktop, press the Pathfinder Tools icon.
  3. Navigate to the removable drive that contains the update using the column on the left (this drive will likely be E:\ or F:\, but it may have another drive letter).
  4. Select the desired update (named like This should navigate into the zip archive and display a list of files and folders.
  5. Select the Extract menu at the top of the window, then press Extract All.
  6. Select Browse to open a file browsing dialog.
  7. Select the D:\ drive in the left-hand column, then navigate to D:\AMS\Pathfinder.
  8. You should see a list of folders such as “Brand,” “Configuration,” “Data,” etc. Press Select Folder to close the dialog.
  9. Press Extract and wait for the files to be extracted.
  10. When prompted, select “Replace the files in the destination.”
  11. Once the extraction is finished, close any open file explorer windows.

Update the Black Box

  1. Open Pathfinder by double-clicking the Pathfinder icon on the desktop.
  2. Log into Pathfinder as Administrator.
  3. The Black Box Update window will appear.
  4. Click the Update Now button.
  5. Click the Begin Update button.
  6. Once the update is complete, the Close button will appear.
  7. Click the Close button.

This completes the manual update.