Mirror Profiles

Mirror Profiles

Many of the trim profiles produced on folding machines are symmetrical. The Pathfinder folding machine controller has a nice feature that make the programming of these parts very easy. The operator only needs to define half of the profile and Pathfinder can do the rest.

The following drawings show examples of symmetric parts with the central element highlighted:

When creating symmetrical profiles, the Mirror function serves as a useful time-saver. Program the first half of the profile, then use the Mirror function.

Touch the Mirror  Button button or select shortcut key 7 and press Enter to “mirror” the first half of the profile.

Notice that every time a new feature is added to the table, or if any one of the selected feature’s properties is modified, the graphical line drawing refreshes automatically to display the new shape. Also, the currently selected geometric feature will be highlighted in red in the line drawing and vertices of the selected angles will be highlighted in green.