Transferring an Eclipse License

Table of Contents

To transfer an Eclipse license from one PC to another,

  1. Download and run the Eclipse base install executable on the new PC.
  2. Download and run the Crystal for Eclipse executable on the new PC.
  3. Delete the Eclipse folder from the new PC.
  4. Shut down all copies of Eclipse, including nodes, and Eclipse-COMM on the old PC.
  5. Copy the Eclipse folder from the old PC to the new PC.
  6. Edit the XLWIN.INI file on the new PC and replace the old PC’s name, with the new PC’s name:
    – [USER]
    – Master=NEWPCNAME # XXX
  7. Download and run the Eclipse update executable on the new PC.
  8. Right-click on the Eclipse desktop icon and choose “Run as Administrator.” This only needs to be done once. After it has run once as administrator, you can start Eclipse normally.
  9. Be sure to update any Eclipse shortcuts on node PC’s and give the node PC’s full read/write access to the Eclipse files on the new master PC.

IMPORTANT: When making the copy of the existing Eclipse software, make sure all Eclipse nodes, Eclipse-COMM, and Eclipse are all closed. If any of these systems are open when creating the copy, there will be missing information in the copy.

For information on how to install Eclipse updates or download the Eclipse software using your Eclipse serial number, click here.