Using the Profile Library – Edge

Using the Profile Library – Edge

When you initially log into Edge, you will see the Profile Library:

Edge Profile Library

On this screen, you can search for a specific profile, select a profile library, browse profiles, and get profile-specific information.

Changing Catalogs

Changing Catalogs

To change catalogs or to filter a search to a specific catalog, use the Catalog drop down selector.

Creating a New Catalog

To create a new Catalog, contact

Preview Profile-Specific Information

Select any profile from the Profile Library and detailed information about that profile will be shown on the right side of the screen.

Preview Profile-Specific Information

Opening an Existing Profile

To open a profile, simply double-click the profile thumbnail or select the thumbnail and select the Open button on the top right of the screen.

Open Existing Profile

This will open the profile into the Profile Editor screen, where you can make changes, print approval sheets, etc.

Copying an Existing Profile

It’s often easier to copy an existing profile, make a few changes, and save that profile with a different name than it is to create a new profile from scratch.

To copy an existing profile, select the profile you wish to copy from the Profile Library and select the Copy button on the top right.

Copying Existing Profile

This will open the selected profile as a copy. You will see a prompt to rename the profile. The default name is “Copy of [Profile Name],” but you are free to change that and select the Catalog to which you are saving the profile.

Copy Existing Profile

Once you have entered the Profile Name and selected the proper Catalog, select OK. Edge will then open that profile in the Profile Editor screen. From that screen, you can make any changes and save the new profile without worrying about losing the original profile information.

Creating a New Profile

From the Profile Library, select “Create New Profile.” You’ll be prompted to name the new profile and select the catalog to which it belongs.

Creating New Profile

You will then see the Profile Editor screen:

Profile Editor Screen

Double click anywhere on the screen to draw the first segment.

Creating New Profile

You can change the length of the segment in two ways:

  1. Select the blue dot and hold it to drag it anywhere on the screen; or
  2. Enter the appropriate length in the “Length” box in the top right of the screen.

To add another segment, double-click on the screen again, and drag the blue dot until the angle and segment length are correct.

Creating New Profile

Repeat these steps until the profile is correct. You can edit segments or angles by clicking on them. The segment or angle will turn blue when selected. If you have difficulty highlighting a segment or angle, you can use the left and right arrows in the top right of the navigation bar. This will toggle through all angles and segments of the profile in order.

Creating New Profile
Paint Roller Icon

The (paint roller icon) will appear to indicate which side of the profile should have paint, if necessary. If the paint roller is on the incorrect side, simply hit the paint roller icon and it will toggle to the opposite side.

Save Profile Icon

After you’ve created your profile, select the  (save icon) to save changes to the profile. If you try to exit the page without saving, Edge will prompt you to save your changes.

Unsaved Changes Warning