Pathfinder System Information

Pathfinder System Information

Introduction to Pathfinder System Information

You can access information about your Pathfinder controller including Version Number, Machine Name and Database Versions along with Software and Hardware information by selecting the Tools button in the Main Toolbar, which looks like this:

Pathfinder tools button

Then click System Information.

In addition, Administrators can also access the Write Filter screen from this area.

General Information

The General Information tab includes basic information that is important for troubleshooting. If you call AMS Controls Technical Support, the Support Technician may ask you to reference this screen to determine the Version Number and Build Date of your Pathfinder Software.

This screen also lists the shared database being used by the Pathfinder PC and the automatic sequencer (SmartPath) version number.

Pathfinder General Information Tab

Controller Software

The Controller Software tab provides information on the software version your Pathfinder PC is currently running. This is crucial information for troubleshooting.

Pathfinder Controller Software Tab

Controller Hardware

The Controller Hardware tab provides information about your Pathfinder Motion controller. This information is also crucial for troubleshooting purposes.

Pathfinder Controller Hardware Tab

Write Filter

Write Filtering is a mechanism used to protect directories on the Pathfinder PC. During the initial setup of the Pathfinder PC, an AMS Controls Technician will enable write filtering.

This feature should not be disabled except by an AMS Controls Technician or to change the name of the controller or to set the date/time for the Pathfinder PC. You must be logged in as an Administrator to view this screen.

Pathfinder Write Filter Tab

To enable or disable Write Filtering, select the button on the Write Filter tab under System Information. For the changes to take effect, Pathfinder must cycle power on the Pathfinder PC. This will not happen automatically, so take caution when enabling and disabling the Write Filter and ensure that the machine is shut down properly and then restarted before taking any other actions.

If you are uncertain about the status of the Write Filter, accessing the Write Filter tab will always show you the current status. If you have not properly cycled power, it will also indicate that the enabling/disabling of the Write Filter has begun but requires the PC to be turned off and back on again before it can complete the process.