Requesting Eclipse Pro Support

Requesting Eclipse Pro Support

Log Files

When requesting assistance with Eclipse, our team may request the latest log files.

If you are able to access the Eclipse Pro Agent (localhost:8081) and Eclipse Pro Server (localhost:8080) and need to gather the log files for our Support or Engineering teams to review, the System Health Page and Diagnostic Package feature is very helpful.

The System Health Page provides error information without having to review log files to see what may be wrong.

Navigate to the System Health page by using (localhost:8080/settings/status).

The log files for Eclipse Server will be found at the bottom of the System Health page by selecting “Download Diagnostics Package.” The Eclipse Agent Log files can be found at the bottom of the Agent page (localhost:8081) by selecting “Download Diagnostics Package.”

Downloading a diagnostics package creates a .zip folder of the log files in Windows Downloads and you should see it download in the Chrome browser such that you can open the file location and grab the diagnostics log package to pass along to our Support or Engineering team.

If you are not able to access Eclipse Pro Agent or Server to download the diagnostics package, you can typically find the log files at C:\ProgramData\AMSControls.

Emailing these files to will speed up the support process.


If you are experiencing an error, please provide a screenshot of the error by emailing it along with your log files. Any details about exactly what actions were taken when the error occurred will be helpful.