About the MP401

About the MP401

The MP401 is a length and batch controller for flying die roll forming machines. This unit has been around since the 1990’s, but is no longer in production.

The MP401 is extremely simple, and while it can be calibrated for consistent length error, it cannot be configured to account for a long part after a standing cut. Memory corruption can cause the unit to behave erratically, and this can be resolved by clearing memory. This function deletes all programmed job data and sets parameters back to factory default.

To clear memory on the MP401, navigate to the setup menu and enter the RESET CODE: 1984

Optionally, if the setup menu is inaccessible, the standard/metric switch inside the unit can be flipped. The unit must have its power cycled once the switch is flipped in order for the CPU to “see the change”. Once this has been done, flip the switch back to its original position and cycle power again.