Material Code Query

Material Code Query

XL200 Controllers that are connected to Eclipse Production Management Software can request all Orders with a specific Material Code by navigating to the Program Screen [1] and pressing F2-Add [2]. There will be a pop-up stating Request the Order and Cutlist from the office computer? Press Yes [3].

After you press Yes, there will be a pop-up where you can enter Order #, Material, or PCODE. Entering only the Material code [1] and pressing Request Specified Job [2] will bring down all orders that exist for that Material.

Requesting Specific Orders Based on Material Code with Eclipse Query List

*Note: More details can be found in the Eclipse Manual. Use the search term “Custom Lists.”

In Eclipse, select Controller [1] –> Query List [2].

Select Item Detail. If this is the first Query List the screen will look like the below:

As we are working with Material Codes, name the query in Item Text Material Code [1]. You can name the query according to your preferences. Select Order [2] for List Type and check the Permanent [3] checkbox.

Available Statuses shows the various Order statuses that you can filter in the query. In this case we want to request Sequenced, Not Scheduled, and Current Material.

The next section is Fields to Send. You can send a maximum of 3 fields. In this example we’re using Order Number, Material, and Footage.

Once you’ve selected the fields you wish to send, select machines you want the List to go to by using the checkboxes [1]. Then choose Save [2]. Now press, Send List [3] to send the list to the controllers.

A pop-up will allow you to confirm what you are sending and to which controllers you are sending the Query List. Once you have the items you wish to send, and the controllers selected and press Send. Eclipse will let you know the list was sent or not.

The XL200 will now have an entry in the Production Data [1] screen for Request Eclipse Data [2].

Selecting Material Code will provide a popup:

Pressing OK will bring up a list of Available Orders matching the selected criteria. Choose the Orders you wish to request and select OK.

Press OK to confirm the Order:

The Orders that you requested will show up in the Status screen: