DIP Switch Configuration

DIP Switch Configuration

Most XL200 software models are capable of controlling a variety of specific machine types. For instance, the XL200 controller, with no other software options, can control over 70 different machine applications based on the configuration (DIP) switch settings.

Setting the DIP switches of the XL200 determines the basic machine type for which the controller is configured. The “Switch” number is displayed in the Setup menu:

XL series set up

and in the Diagnostics\System Information menu:


The number listed as “Switch” indicates the DIP settings. Number each DIP switch in binary beginning with the first switch. For example:


Thus Switch: 51 would indicate that DIP switches 6, 5, 2, and 1 were in their ON position. Based on the specific software model of controller, the machine type could be determined.

The DIP switch settings are defined in the back of the XL controller manuals. They are also listed, along with the controller I/O designations by configuration, at the following links:

Version 1 – Version 3 Hardware Models

Physical DIP Switches are found on the top of the XL200 Series controller:

DIP Switches on Top of XL200

Version 4 Hardware Models

Version 4 controllers use “soft switches” accessed by pressing and holding the Setup key on the XL200 keypad during power up:

XL200 dip switches