Establishing Communication with Eclipse

Establishing Communication with Eclipse

Step 1: Push the SET UP button on the bottom right side of the XL200.

Eclipse Communication Controller Settings

Figure 1 – (+) sign pushed on Controller Settings.

Step 2: In the left hand column, push the (+) sign next to controller settings as shown in figure 1, the + will become a (-) sign.

Step 3: Push Eclipse Settings.

Eclipse Communication Settings Configured

Figure 2 – Eclipse settings configured.

Step 4: Select a Network Unit ID by highlighting the number and pushing a number on the keypad, besides 0, this is the new Network Unit ID.

Step 5: Select Eclipse Source and select Ethernet from the drop down menu. The screen should look like Figure 2.

Step 6: Select Network Settings.

Step 7: Enter an IP Address that is compatible with your network.

Eclipse Communication Network Configured

Figure 3 – Network settings configured.

Step 8: Set the IP Subnet Mask and the IP Gateway to the same numbers as your network as shown in Figure 3.

Step 9: Open Eclipse.

Eclipse Communication Machine Definitions

Figure 4 – Eclipse, Maintenance, Machine Definitions.

Step 10: Open the dropdown menu Maintenance and click Machine Definitions as shown in Figure 4.

Step 11: Change the Machine Number to match the Network Unit ID that is entered in the controller.

Step 12: Set the COMM Port to Ethernet via the dropdown menu.

Step 13: Enter the IP Address that is entered into the controller.

Eclipse Communication Machine Definitions Left

Figure 5 – Machine Definitions Window (left side).

Eclipse Communication Machine Definitions Right

Figure 6 – Machine Definitions Window (right side).

Step 14: Change the Machine Type to AMS XL via the dropdown menu as shown in Figure 5 and Figure 6.

Step 15: Click Save in the bottom right corner. Click Apply to the pop-up that appears. Click Close in the bottom right corner.

Step 16: On the main Eclipse screen push the START ECLIPSE-COMM button in the top right corner. This may take a moment to connect.

Eclipse Communication Comm Window

Figure 7 – Eclipse-Comm window.

Step 17: Once the ECLIPSE-COMM pop-up opens, push the Port Status button on the bottom right of the pop-up. Under Status it should read OPEN in green letters as shown in Figure 7.

Note: This window can be minimized but not closed. If this window is closed ECLIPSE-COMM will be terminated.