XL200 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

XL200 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do the letters after XL200 mean?

Each of the letters refers to a specific function added to that controller. You can find a chart with all of the optional functions here.

How do I update the software on my XL200?

To update, or “flash,” the software on your XL200, the process will vary depending on your software and hardware options. Specific flash instructions for each option can be found here.

What is the difference between software versions?

There are critical differences between the various major XL200 Series controller software versions. It is important to know which software version you are using when seeking technical support.

Typically, software development occurs in cycles. Each cycle ends in a major release. When a specific need arises, such as a customer who has an immediate need for a new feature or bug fix, the software has an interim – or maintenance – release.

The software version number for a XL200 Series controller is typically represented as “4.09.02”. The first number (4) reflects the hardware platform on which the software was written to run. The next number (09) represents a “major release” version, indicating the software engineers consider this version to be significantly different from previous releases. The last number (02) references a “maintenance release”.

Read more about the XL software versions here.

Where can I find my software version number?

The software version number can be found under Diagnostics/System Information. Read more here.