Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

All XL200 Series controllers come with a battery that is used to hold the memory for the unit even when it is powered down. All batteries eventually lose their charge, and in the event of a dead battery, your controller’s memory will be cleared and you will lose your settings (controller parameters).

Controllers with Eclipse

If you are using Eclipse Production Management Software, your controller may lose its settings, but Eclipse can be used to resend your saved settings to the controller after the battery has been replaced. After replacing your battery, go here for more details on recovering from a memory clear.

Controllers without Eclipse

Without Eclipse Production Management Software, in the event of a dead battery, the memory on your controller will be cleared and you will lose your settings. We recommend keeping a written backup of all parameter settings in a safe place, just in case.

Spare Controllers

If you are not using Eclipse, we recommend that you write down all of your parameter settings, then remove the battery. Keep the written parameter settings and battery secure and close by your spare controller for easy access.

Spare Batteries

AMS Controls recommends keeping spare batteries on hand to prevent downtime.

Please note: AMS Controls is not authorized to ship lithium-ion batteries. Should you need to purchase a battery, we recommend ordering through an electronics components provide like Digi-Key. The battery will be inscribed with a part number. If you need help locating the battery’s part number, contact support.

Changing the Controller Battery

Select your board model from the list below for step-by-step instructions on how to change your controller’s battery:

Board ModelBattery Used
XL100Panasonic CR2330
XL200 REV A/BPanasonic CR2330
XL200 REV C ECO-1263Panasonic CR2354
XL200 REV C ECO-1449Panasonic CR2477
XL200 REV CPanasonic CR2330
XL200 REV DPanasonic CR2450