XL250BB Backup/Restore Function

XL250BB Backup/Restore Function

Note: This Backup/Restore procedure is ONLY applicable to the pre-Pathfinder XL250BB. These are legacy items.

To backup or restore the XL250BB, you will need a 9 pin straight through serial cable and Flash Wizard software.

You will need a saved XML file containing the backup data.

If you do not have a saved XML backup, then create one in Step 8 below.

  1. Turn the power off to the controller and hook up your serial cable.
  2. Start the Flash Wizard software.
  3. Go to Setup, Port, and Primary Port. The settings will be as follows:
    • Port: This is user specific. Input whichever port you are plugged into.
    • Baudrate: 38400
    • Stop Bits: 1
    • Parity: None
    • Data Bits: 8
  4. Hit OK
  5. Power the controller up and go to Diagnostics, Data Backup/Restore.
  6. On the right hand side you should have the option to Open Comm. Port. Select it.
  7. In Flash Wizard, go to File, Data Backup.
  8. In the pop-up you can select what you want to save in a new XML file, or you can hit load and select your file, and import it into the controller.